Adroit helps provides one stop solution for the entire virus & malware related issues you are facing. In a business network environment where data security plays a major role, security from internet threats and other viruses is utterly important because data security loop holes may prove devastating for a business. Loss of data may lead to collision of a complete set up and shut down of complete economic unit. All this may happen if a virus finds a way in to your system or network and replicate itself manifolds.
Our Antivirus services include :

  • Selecting the appropriate anti virus compatible with your system & requirements
  • Installation & configuration
  • Updation of existing antivirus & switching to a new version or brand if required
  • Un-installation anti virus software from the system
Other services related to threat removal from your system includes :
  • Scanning your system for any kind of existing threats
  • Removing malicious threats, malwares, internet viruses, Trojans, adware etc
  • Cleaning windows registry for further security
  • Securing various ports to block the bridge for hackers
  • Scheduling regular scan for your system

If you are facing any issues related to malicious threats in your system or you think that your system accommodates a vulnerable firewall, please feel free to contact our experts and we will assist you increase the security parameters and safeguard your system against any virus.


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