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論文作者:留學生論文論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 dissertation登出時間:2021-04-05編輯:vicky點擊率:947

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Chapter 1 Task Description

1.1 Introduction to the Source Text

In this section, four parts, including brief introductions to the author and thebook and analyses of linguistic features and text type of the ST, are to be presented.

1.1.1 About theAuthor

<标题> Timothy C. Winegard, a Canadian writer, is now a instructor at ColoradoMesa University. He received his Master of Arts in war studies from the RoyalMilitary College of Canada and his PhD in history from the University of Oxford.

<标题> Having worked as an officer in the Canadian and British Forces for nine years,Winegard is also the author of another four internationally published books, namelyThe First World Oil War (2016), For King and Kanata: Canadian Indians and theFirst World War (2012), Indigenous Peoples of the British Dominions and the FirstWorld War (2011) and Oka: A Convergence of Cultures and the Canadian Forces(2008), and numerous articles in the fields of both military history and indigenouspeoples. He has lectured on C-SPAN and appeared on televised roundtables.

<标题> 1.1.2 About the Source Text

The Mosquito, published by the United States Penguin Random House in August2019, is a narrative nonfiction work by Timothy C. Winegard, and there is no Chineseversion available yet. It is one of New York Times Best Sellers that highlights the role of mosquitoes in world-changing events and wars from a brand-new perspective.

types and translation methods can be seen in table 1.


<标题> 1.2 Significance of the Translation

<标题> Given the book’s function and influence around the world, the translator and herco-translator have selected it as their translation material, and the significance of thetranslation task can be listed as follows.

First, the author Timothy C. Winegard provides a brand-new perspective for us toreconsider world-famous wars and other historic events. Although many historical orpopular science works have dealt with similar topics, none of them would connectthese astonishing events with mosquitoes.

Second, the translation of this book will raise target reader’s awareness of themosquito and her diseases. Although mosquitoes are small and often ignored byhuman beings, they are evils who cause many deaths and diseases around the world. Itis estimated that there are 500 or so mosquito-borne viruses and more than 80mosquito-borne diseases around the world, including deadly malaria, yellow fever,dengue and Japanese encephalitis etc. In recent years, frequent natural disasters andsevere environmental damage have contributed a lot in creating breeding conditionsfor mosquito-borne diseases. Moreover, local environmental changes generate a directimpact on the change of mosquito species, and their quantity in different livingenvironment, which threatens the control of outbreak of mosquito-borne diseases.That is why countries all over the world, especially developed countries, have paidclose attention to the early warning and prevention of these diseases.

<标题> ...........................

Chapter 2 Process Description

2.1 Pre-transla本由提供整理,提供,,,,,,相關核心關鍵詞搜索。

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