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1. 2009年職稱英語衛生類ab級精選試題a—閱讀判斷[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • 二、匹配題: 16、 第二部分:閱讀判斷(每題1分,共七分) 閱讀下面這篇短文,短文后列出了七個句子,請根據短文的內容對每個句子作出判斷。如果該句提供的是正確信息,請在答題卡上把A涂黑;如果該句提供的是錯誤信息,請在答題卡上把B涂黑;如果該句的信息文章中沒有提及,請在答題卡上把C涂黑 B/A級 Stomach Ulcer Stomach ulcers are the cause of severe pain for many people. Doctors have been able to help lesson the pain of ulcers
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:3059     論文屬性:短文 essay

2. 2009年職稱英語衛生類ab級精選試題a—詞匯選擇[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • 一、單選題: 1、 第一部分:詞匯選擇(第1-15題,每題1分,共15分) 下面共有15句子,每個句子均有一個詞或短語劃有底橫線,請從每個句子后面所給的四個選項中選擇一個與劃線部分意義最相近的詞或短語。答案一律涂在答題卡相應的位置上。 1、I hate his adopting an air of importance when he is talked to. A) adapting B)assuming C) effecting D)breathing  標準答案:b 2、 Smoking is banned in school.
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:2969     論文屬性:短文 essay

3. 職稱英語衛生類原文閱讀模擬試題(9)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • Drug Resistancet Fades Quickly in Key Aids2 Drug   One of the main weapons to prevent mother-to-child transmission of the AIDS virus during birth is the drug nevirapine3. But when nevirapine is used alone just once, HIV4 starts becoming resistant to it. Research in Botswana shows that the resis
  • <标题>論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:5100     論文屬性:短文 essay

4. 職稱英語衛生類原文閱讀模擬試題(8)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • Kidney Disease and Heart Disease Spur Each Other   Hearts and kidneys: If one’s diseased, better keep a close eye on1 the other. Surprising new research shows kidney disease somehow speeds up heart disease well before it has ravaged the kidneys. And perhaps not so surprising, doctors have final
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:4972     論文屬性:短文 essay

5. 職稱英語衛生類原文閱讀模擬試題(7)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • Dangerous Sunshine to Children   Two United Nations1 agencies warned on Tuesday that children are most at risk of developing skin cancers as a result of the long-term decline in the earth’s protective ozone layer. The agencies, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Environmental Progra
  • <标题>論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:4109     論文屬性:短文 essay

6. 職稱英語衛生類原文閱讀模擬試題(6)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juices    as Beneficial to Health as Fruits and Veggies1    A European study has revealed that 100 percent fruit and vegetable juices are as effective as their whole fruit/vegetable counterparts in reducing risk factors related to certain diseases. The conclusion is the
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:3887     論文屬性:短文 essay

7. 職稱英語衛生類原文閱讀模擬試題(5)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • When Fear Takes Control of1 the Mind   A panic attack is a sudden feeling of terror. Usually it does not last long, but it may feel like forever. The cause can be something as normally uneventful as driving over a bridge or flying in an airplane. And it can happen even if the person has driven
  • <标题>論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:3834     論文屬性:短文 essay

8. 職稱英語衛生類原文閱讀模擬試題(4)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • Eating Potatoes Gives Your Immune System a Boost   Eating potatoes is not only good for bowel health, but also for the whole immune system, especially when they come in the form of a potato salad or eaten cold. In a study on an animal model, researchers in Spain found that pigs fed large quanti
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:3929     論文屬性:短文 essay

9. 職稱英語衛生類原文閱讀模擬試題(3)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • Warm People Likely to Keep Cold at Bay1   Staying positive2 through the cold season could be your best defense against getting iii, new study findings suggest. is an experiment that exposed healthy volunteers to a cold or fluvirus3, researchers found that people with a generally sunny dispositi
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:3869     論文屬性:短文 essay

10. 職稱英語衛生類原文閱讀模擬試題(2)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • Multivitamins Urged for All Pregnant Women   A recent study in Tanzania found that when pregnant women took vitamins every day, fewer babies were born too small. Babies that weigh less than two and one-half kilograms at birth have a greater risk of dying. Those that survive are more likely to e
  • 論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:3825     論文屬性:短文 essay

11. 職稱英語衛生類原文閱讀模擬試題(1)[內容預覽]免費論文 Free Thesis
  • Bringing Nanotechnology to Health Care for the Poor   Nanotechnology uses matter at the level of molecules and atoms. Researchers are finding different uses for particles with a length of one nanometer, or one-billionth of a meter, These include things like beauty products1 and dirt-resistant c
  • <标题>論文類別:模擬試題     人氣:3528     論文屬性:短文 essay

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