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論文作者:留學生論文論文屬性:碩士畢業論文 thesis登出時間:2021-07-08編輯:vicky點擊率:48

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本文通過測試、問卷調查和訪談等方法,分析了應用多媒體課件對學生寫作能力和寫作動機的影響。綜上所述,本研究的主要發現如下:(1) 多元文化教學法能在一定程度上提高學生的寫作水平,實驗數據表明,在多語言環境下,學生的寫作水平有了很大的提高,取得了較高的成績。也就是說,他們的寫作能力通過體驗MP課程得到了提高。

Chapter One Introduction

1.1 Research Background

<标题> English writing, in junior high school, is consistently taught using formulas andmodel examples as if to suggest that adherence to external form and organizationalstructures is somehow synonymous with good writing. It also seems to neglect theneed for student ownership in the writing process. This leads to a very problematicsituation where classroom writing is: (1) generally divorced from situated practice,and (2) governed by universal standards and prescriptive structures rather than socialrealities. This situation makes most of the students not only lose interests andconfidence but also feel anxious while writing in English, which can hardly improvetheir writing abilities.

<标题> Another problem is that in traditional writing lessons students are only asked toread and write in page-bound, official, standard forms of the language (Cope &Kalantzis 2000). However, as the technology has transformed the social interactionand educational practice, the definition for writing is shifting from composing solelywritten text to constructing meanings by using multimodal resources such as image,sound, and other forms of communication. Learners of today as digital native need todevelop their knowledge and experiences toward the new emerging technologiesadapted to their writing activities. Likewise, the educators need to prepare theirlearners for the new writing practices embedded in their teaching in the classroom.


1.2 Purpose and Significance of the Research

<标题> This study has its practical significance for meeting the requirements of the CoreLiteracy of English Language Disciplines. In 2016, the overall framework of“Chinese students’ development of core literacy” was officially released (Li 2017),marking that China’s future-oriented and international-oriented reform of compulsory education has sounded the trumpet. As for the English discipline, the core literacyincludes four components: linguistic ability, thinking ability, cultural character andlearning ability. In traditional English writing class, teachers pay more attention tocultivating students’ linguistic ability but ignore the other three abilities. Therefore,new demands have been put forward for language learners and the traditional writingpedagogy should be upgraded associated with information and multimediatechnologies. Multiliteracies plays a role in developing the students’ skills in learningand thinking. This study rises out the need for an awareness of cultural and criticalliteracy practices, emergent technologies and writing practices within the rapidlyevolving social and global environment.

Although it is important for learners to understand a range of multimedia texts inorder to participate in today’s society, such a shift in terms of curriculum andpedagogy cannot be justified unless it will lead to improved learning. Several studiesof multiliteracies have promoted positive outcomes (Sewell & Denton 2011; Walsh2010; Warner et al. 2019; Cloonan 2010; Rajendram 2015). However, to date, littlework has been done on the integration of Multiliteracies Pedagogy into writingteaching in English L本由提供整理,提供,,,,,,相關核心關鍵詞搜索。

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